Drama Workshops

We create and deliver engaging, imaginative and playful drama workshops. 

We work with all settings. Whether you are a school, college, youth club, early years setting or putting together a local community event, get in touch, we would love to chat.


Our unique Drama Geezers toolkit of ideas focuses on using story and play; enabling young people to express themselves creatively, build confidence and develop communication skills

We can deliver one off workshops or termly/yearly projects. Whether it is with an individual class, small group of young people or the whole setting, we will deliver and evaluate, gathering feedback and measuring the impact. 


Early Years and Primary 

We champion the use of drama in the classroom as drama is an incredible tool in helping children achieve both academically and socially. We believe we can take any curriculum topic or theme and bring it to life through drama delivering a memorable, playful experience for all. In using our drama techniques, children are able to explore curriculum topics in a fresh new way, generating curious minds and an excitement for learning. During our workshops we also like to work together with teachers, inspiring them to use more drama in the classroom. 

Drama Skills

These sessions enable young people to build their performing arts skills and experience a wide variety of drama techniques and activities. Available to any age group in any setting. Our workshops cover techniques such as improvisation to character work. If you have a theme in mind, get in touch and let's chat. We are also passionate about inspiring the next generation of creatives and are more than happy to share our experience of over 10 years in the arts industry.


The Drama Geezers are always up for a challenge, so if there is a topic, theme or project you have in mind and feel it could do with an injection of drama, let's chat!

Previous topics include:

Anti Bullying


Health and Wellbeing 

Creative Residency - Arts Week

Any topic, you name it and we will bring the drama! 


During these tricky times, our young people need to have fun and play together more than ever! Drama allows this. Drama let's young people explore their personalities and express their feelings as well as building communication, confidence and resilience. We would love to visit your setting and deliver drama sessions with your bubble of young people. We will maintain social distancing guidelines and can deliver in open spaces where appropriate.

Covid-19 Update

A full day of workshops is:

£400 plus travel

Contact us for a tailored quote

"Simon created a bespoke workshop for our arts week. It was thoroughly engaging and explored a range of dramatic techniques. He established a lovely rapport with each group very quickly" 

Head of Drama, Kent College


"I particularly thought this was amazing for the not so confident children to have a voice and enjoy taking part"

Madley Primary School


"The children were relaxed and confident about expressing ideas, even usually reticent children were engaged. It was totally inclusive, so they all had a sense of ownership and success!"

St Barnabas Primary


"Simon and Paul captured the children's imaginations. The children dropped what they were doing to join in the fun (some of them even waited at the gate for them to arrive) Thank you for making summer 2021 epic!"

Shadwell Community Project


"The best workshop I have seen in a very long time. The children were always interested and engaged as a result of the creative, visual, audio and prop stimuli"

St Matthew Academy


"The level of enthusiasm from the practitioners had such a positive impact on the children, they were desperate to get involved"

Madley Primary School