What Happens Next?

Online storytelling project for primary home learning 2021

Watch the video below as we narrate and bring to life the start of an epic adventure story...

We stop half way through the story and need your help to respond and create the ending...

What happens next?

You could finish our story by writing the rest of the chapter, draw the story out, write the script to accompany the story, act out the story with classmates or family...However you choose, we want you to share your ideas with us and we can't wait to see where your imagination takes you. 

On the deadline we will choose one response at random and create some Drama Geezer magic with it. 

Deadline: 6th February 2021


Send them to us via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook - use #DramaGeezers or email us at thedramageezers@gmail.com 

An online gallery of all the brilliant responses we received...

"Casey has Special Education Needs (ASD and ADHD) and he often struggles to sit still and stay on task and he really misses school already. Casey is an amazing reader and enthusiastic and creative, but sequencing and following storylines is something he really struggles to do, but he LOVED your video and was able to follow it and complete the task in quite a remarkable way, that we didn’t expect. So thank you!"

(Casey's mum) 

"We have loved completing your drama games and finishing your 'What Happens Next?' story. You are really helping some of our children who might not enjoy drama normally become much more confident, so thank you!"

(Year 3 teacher)

"Millie loved it! It was great fun and kept us entertained for over an hour! She was able to see all her ideas come to life on the paper!"

(Millie's mum) 

"The 'What Happens Next' project has been an excellent avenue for the children in my class to engage with both drama and writing. The added incentive of competition certainly gave them a boost and they loved the opportunity to experience drama during this time, even from their kitchen tables!"

(Year 5 teacher)

The winning response chosen at random is...