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Championing more drama in the classroom and at home

We are men that play

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'Drama Games for the Classroom & Home' 

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Oakfield Primary 

We would have you back in a heartbeat, you were wonderful with the children

Grand Junction

Simon and Paul are a pleasure to work with. Not only are they super organised and efficient with booking and planning projects, they are also super creative, good team players and excellent facilitators. I feel very lucky to work with them each month

St Edmundsbury Primary

After 10 years on the PTA, I can honestly say this is the best thing we have funded. It is so refreshing to have you as you bring so much to the school. We really appreciate your energy. Thank you!

St Pauls Primary

I absolutely loved how all of the children's ideas were accepted and used with such enthusiasm. The children lost all inhibitions and loved getting stuck in. Thank you!

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