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At Home

Turning front rooms into creative, playful spaces during lockdown.

Watched by 30,000 people during lockdown!

Featured on BBC London News and watched by teachers and families across the world. 

To help during Lockdown we have shared 13 drama game videos the whole family can play at home.

Let's create exciting, playful homes together.

These can also be used in the classroom. 


We would love to see you playing the activities so send us your pictures and videos, just use



BBC London News Interview March 2020

YouTube upload: Incredible response from George & Mum playing 'This is not a...'


You guys are lockdown heroes. We home school anyway and we love pretending, so we were pleased to have your happy faces in our lounge with more ideas in a morning. Fab stuff


Hi guys, I have no idea where you are, but I'm from Delhi, India and a friend just sent me one of your drama videos, oh my gosh! I absolutely love it! India truly needs people like you


Keep up the great work chaps! You have certainly kept my class thoroughly entertained during the lockdown


These chaps are brilliant! I'm a huge advocate for drama play and these two do it so well. I promise these games will give you a much needed giggle if you're starting to feel cabin fever!

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