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Experience an enchanting journey as a young boy embarks on a thrilling adventure, encountering captivating characters, intriguing places, and magical creatures! Who will cross his path, and where will his travels lead him? It's all up to the audience!

Join The Drama Geezers for an interactive storytelling extravaganza, where children take the reins in crafting a brand-new tale through imaginative play. Together, they'll weave a narrative filled with whimsical characters and wild escapades, bringing the story to life before their very eyes. Once the adventure concludes, the children will immortalise their creation by sketching it on our giant paper!

Armed with only a blank storybook and a bag of props, The Drama Geezers eagerly await the participation of imaginative youngsters to embark on this epic storytelling adventure. Get ready to unleash your imagination and dive into the world of play!


50 minute interactive performance

Families of children aged 4-11

The story can be themed to the topic of your choosing

Contact us for a quote and more information.


St Margaret's House


It was brilliant guys, thank you so so much!

My family loved it! My 4 year old daughter does not normally stay engaged for a long time but she was involved until the very end

Poplar Union


We had so much fun together, you guys are great with the kids. My kids went home and carried on writing the next chapter of the story 

Urban Tree Festival

Our third event together, thank you!

Great imaginative play!

Full House Theatre

Very creative storytelling workshop, the kids absolutely loved being a part of the story and the fact that their ideas were picked. Thank you for bringing such joy to our family festival!

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