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Literacy Project

Connecting school communities through the power of story

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Our drama literacy project 'The Story that Connects us' gives your whole school the opportunity to create a brand new story through creative play; developing imaginations, confidence and story writing skills. This project aims to re-connect children and the whole school community after a truly tough few years. 

Beginning the story with Reception class and finishing the epic tale with Year 6, every class and child has a part to play. During each workshop, the children will take part in a variety of drama and storytelling activities to unlock their imaginations. Each class will devise a brand new chapter for the school story, act it out together and finish by mapping out the story on giant paper.

We arrive with a blank story book, a big bag of props and huge rolls of paper. All we need are curious imaginative children!


Shortly after our visit, we will send you the completed story book for all classes and wider community to enjoy!


EY, KS1 & KS2

1 - 4 classes (50mins per class, delivered in 1 day) + 1 story book printed = £450

7 classes (50mins per class, delivered over 2 days) + 1 story book printed = £900

14 - 21 classes (50mins with 2 or 3 classes together, delivered over 2 days)

+ 1 story book printed = £1000


Travel not included above

*This project can also be delivered across multiple schools or year groups across a Trust

Madley Primary 

Creative, energetic, nonsense. So many classes have followed up the sessions with some amazing writing - the 'buzz' created energised the start of term

Elmwood Junior School 

The best drama workshop I have ever seen. I will be in touch to book more

St Barnabas Primary

I loved the way that all children were supported to take part. There were no wrong answers - the children got this straight away. This led to really high engagement. The session was pitched perfectly for my class. Thank you - we loved it

St Edmundsbury Primary

This class has a number of children that regularly refuse to take part in learning activities and struggle to engage with some lessons...NOT TODAY! Every child was completely immersed in the story and it was an absolute joy to watch their faces 

Outstanding Drama Initiative

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