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The Drama Geezers

Championing more drama in the classroom and at home.


The Drama Geezers are Simon Batchelor and Paul Andrew, two Drama Practitioners with a love of drama and a passion for working creatively with young people and adults. They are passionate about the power of play and the huge positive impact it can have on wellbeing. 

What sets the Drama Geezer projects apart is their unwavering commitment to inclusivity. Their approach ensures that every child can participate, encouraging the exploration of boundless creativity. By harnessing the power of drama, the Drama Geezers aim to ignite the imaginations of young learners, resulting in remarkable leaps in their abilities. 

The Drama Geezer projects immerse children in playful story worlds, turning classrooms and homes into safe spaces where everyone can play, explore and create together.


The Drama Geezers are on a mission to challenge stereotypes about male involvement in play and creativity.


They firmly believe that there is immense strength in men embracing their playful side, and they are dedicated to igniting this passion in more men.


Through the art of storytelling, play, and imaginative exploration, they aim to make a significant impact on children's development. As fathers themselves, they understand firsthand the significance of these activities.


The Drama Geezers are determined to encourage more men to become "Men that Play"

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Simon Batchelor 

Simon is a highly experienced Drama Practitioner. He has been devising and delivering a variety of creative learning programmes in schools, theatres and within the community since 2009. He works with people of all ages; from Early Years through to Higher Education Students and with teaching staff to embed the arts into their teaching practices.


He is also very proud to be a teacher on Channel 4’s BAFTA nominated and award winning documentary series ‘The Secret Life of 4 & 5 Year Olds’.

Paul Andrew

Paul is a Storyteller and Creative Facilitator who trained at East15 Drama School and graduated with a BA Hons in Community Theatre. He has experience working with young children of all abilities, disabilities and backgrounds, as well as ESOL speakers.  

He holds an extensive skill set, including; puppetry, circus, stage combat, storytelling, Commedia-del-Arte, samba, fire breathing and devising as well as voice and movement training.

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