The Drama Geezers

Two guys with a love of drama and a passion for working creatively with young people.      


We are two freelance drama practitioners on a mission to excite and engage young people through drama.


Our workshops allow all young people a chance to creatively express themselves through re-imagined learning, helping them to grow into confident communicators. We turn rooms into safe spaces where everyone can play, explore and learn together.


We champion more drama in the classroom through our workshops and creative learning projects. Drama in the classroom has many benefits that can help children academically, creatively and socially.

We are passionate about finding ways to make learning accessible and creative for all. Work with us and together, we can create playful exciting classrooms. 

Meet the Geezers

The Drama Geezers met 10 years ago at an interview for an arts company. One pretended to be a mad scientist and the other played a bongo drum for 5 minutes. This was the start of a beautiful friendship! 

Over the years, we have followed each other and worked on a variety of projects together; dressing up as Victorians and causing chaos in a church hall at a family festival to teaching 200 children maths through story - the story of a giant who lost his shoe! (He still hasn’t found it).

Now the time has come to unite, the Drama Geezers are born.

Paul Andrew

Paul is a Storyteller and Creative Facilitator who trained at East15 Drama School and graduated with a BA Hons in Community Theatre. He has experience working with young children of all abilities, disabilities and backgrounds, as well as ESOL speakers.  

He holds an extensive skill set, including; puppetry, circus, stage combat, storytelling, Commedia-del-Arte, samba, fire breathing and devising as well as voice and movement training.


He has been fortunate enough to be able to run workshop facilitation projects in some amazing community settings; Primary and Secondary schools, PRUs, Bullwood Prison and Age Concern. 

Twitter: @paulandrew87

Simon Batchelor 

Simon is a highly experienced Freelance Drama Practitioner. He has been devising and delivering a variety of creative learning programmes in schools, theatres and within the community since 2009. He works with people of all ages; from Early Years through to Higher Education Students and with teaching staff to embed the arts into their teaching practices.


He is also very proud to be a teacher on Channel 4’s BAFTA nominated and award winning documentary series ‘The Secret Life of 4 & 5 Year Olds’.

Twitter: @sibatch 

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