the Curriculum 

Exploring curriculum topics through the power of story


Through our unique storytelling techniques we can take any primary curriculum topic and bring it to life through drama. 


We will immerse the children in a creative story world to explore the chosen topic. During the workshop every child will be involved in acting out the story and sharing ideas. Not only will they be learning about the topic but they will be able to creatively express themselves, work together and play.


Each workshop finishes with the children mapping out/ drawing/ writing what they have learnt on our big paper, the perfect piece of topic art for the classroom wall. 


We believe children learn best through story and play. Just add the curriculum topic and watch their minds ignite.

 Previous topics include:



Historical Events


Endangered Animals 

Under the Sea


Early Years, KS1 & KS2


Whole day of workshops (4 one hour workshops) = £400 plus travel


Half day of workshops (2 one hour workshops) = £300 plus travel 

Contact us for a quote. 

Madley Primary 

Creative, energetic, nonsense. So many classes have followed up the sessions with some amazing writing - the 'buzz' created energised the start of term

Elmwood Junior School 

We love having you here. It gives our children confidence to perform and a voice to the voiceless

St Barnabas Primary

I loved the way that all children were supported to take part. There were no wrong answers - the children got this straight away. This led to really high engagement. The session was pitched perfectly for my class. Thank you - we loved it

St Edmundsbury Primary

This class has a number of children that regularly refuse to take part in learning activities and struggle to engage with some lessons...NOT TODAY! Every child was completely immersed in the story and it was an absolute joy to watch their faces