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Act The Curriculum

Through our unique storytelling techniques we can take any primary curriculum topic and bring it to life through drama. 


We will immerse the children in a creative story world to explore the chosen topic. During the workshop every child will be involved in acting out the story and sharing ideas. Not only will they be learning about the topic but they will be able to creatively express themselves, work together and play.



Each workshop finishes with the children mapping out/ drawing/ writing what they have learnt on our big paper, the perfect piece of topic art for the school or classroom wall. 


We believe children learn best through story and play. Just add the curriculum topic and watch their minds ignite.

 Previous topics include:



Movers and Shakers


Historical Periods


Endangered Animals 

Under the Sea


EY, KS1 & KS2

1 - 4 classes (50mins per class, delivered in 1 day) = £450

7 classes (50mins per class, delivered over 2 days) = £900

14 - 21 classes (50mins with 2 or 3 classes together, delivered over 2 days) = £1000


Travel not included above

Eaton House

We loved it! Packed with fun facts, energy and humour, the children were so engaged on their journey and adventure to Ancient Egypt! Total imagination!

Elmwood Junior School 

We love having you here. It gives our children confidence to perform and a voice to the voiceless

St Barnabas Primary

As always we loved our time with you. The session was at its core fun, inclusive and engaging but it was also relevant to the Time and Place curriculum. Thank you so much!

St Edmundsbury Primary

The children absolutely loved the creativity and a chance to step into the story. The session was full of laughter and imaginative ideas. It was a useful reminder for me as a teacher, the importance of drama in the classroom

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