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In a Day

One Day - One Play!


You choose the theme and working together with your young people we will devise the play - in just 1 DAY!

The young people will become playmakers for the day as we use our specialist drama techniques to explore the chosen theme and devise the script. They will also become theatre makers, thinking about staging, lighting, costume, props and sound.


This will all be weaved together in an exciting short performance at the end of the day, perfect to share with the wider community.

Our 'Play in a Day' project can explore curriculum topics or issue based themes.

We can also deliver this as a:


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Any age group - Any setting 

Full day of workshops & end of day sharing

30 participants max

Cost = £400 plus travel

Madley Primary 

The power of imagination and engagement. Awe and wonder combined with speech and language/confidence development and release the inner self! Powerful learning led by experts The Drama Geezers

Deputy Leader of Westminster Council

You were phenomenal and the kids clearly loved it

Farlington School

Both the kids and the parents had a great time and it was good to be able to use the outside grounds for the performance. The headteacher was very impressed and I'll definitely look to work with you again

St Edmundsbury Primary

The children absolutely loved the creativity and a chance to step into the story. The session was full of laughter and imaginative ideas. It was a useful reminder for me as a teacher, the importance of drama in the classroom

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