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Artsmark Partner



Artsmark is the creative quality standard for schools and education settings, awarded by Arts Council England, recognising their commitment to high quality arts and cultural education.

The Drama Geezers are proud to be supporting schools and education settings on their Artsmark journey, inspiring children and young people to create, experience, and participate in great arts and culture.

We offer education settings who are working towards, or currently hold an Artsmark Award, with the following opportunities:

Drama Workshops

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Primary School

Drama Literacy Project

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Teacher CPD

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​Prices vary on project and length. 


Find out more about Artsmark at

To find out more on how The Drama Geezers can support your Artsmark journey, get in touch on our contact page.

"A huge thank you Drama Geezers for two fabulous days of imagination and joy. An outstanding way to finish term"

St Barnabas Primary 


"We would have you back in a heartbeat, you were wonderful with the children"

Oakfield Primary


"The best workshop I have seen in a very long time. The children were always interested and engaged as a result of the creative, visual, audio and prop stimuli"

St Matthew Academy