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Climate Change
Whole School Project

Embark on a journey to protect our planet with 'Mission: Save our Planet' an engaging storytelling workshop that delves into the realities of climate change and environmental challenges. 


Transport your class into a captivating narrative where they'll animate diverse landscapes and ecological dilemmas, spanning from deforestation to recycling, pollution, and the plight of polar ice caps. Moreover, empower them to explore actionable solutions within their own communities. 


The session culminates in a powerful moment of unity, as all children rise in protest to amplify their voices to save our planet. 


Afterwards, children channel their reflections onto our huge paper, crafting a collective manifesto for planetary change. Through this immersive experience, not only do they gain insights into their world, but they also nurture their creativity, teamwork, and sense of play.

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Drama Geezers-27.jpg

EY, KS1 & KS2

1 - 4 classes (50mins per class, delivered in 1 day) = £450

7 classes (50mins per class, delivered over 2 days) = £900

14 - 21 classes (50mins with 2 or 3 classes together, delivered over 2 days) = £1000


Travel not included above

St Barnabas Primary

It was totally inclusive and the children were relaxed and confident about expressing ideas, even usually reticent children were engaged!

St Edmundsbury

The children absolutely loved the creativity and a chance to step into the story

Langafel Primary 

Great for all ages and Special Educational Needs. The children were completly engaged and the teachers were inspired. The whole school is still buzzing!

Castle Hill Primary 

It was wonderful to have you at our school, your engagement with every child including our SEND children was wonderful. Keep up the great work!

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