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Celebrate Diversity
Whole School Project

Embark on an unforgettable journey with “The World and Us”, a captivating storytelling workshop exploring Identity and Diversity, presented by The Drama Geezers, perfect for Black History Month.


Dive into a unique story where a young boy resides on a planet of no identity, setting off on a thrilling adventure that introduces him to an array of fascinating people, places, and cultures.


Join us and fully immerse your class in this enchanting story world where we will celebrate the richness of diversity and the extraordinary in each of us. The story ends in a big celebration with all the children being proud of who they are. 

The children finish the session by drawing their self portrait on our huge paper, the perfect whole school piece of art celebrating what makes them unique.


Not only will they be learning about each other and the world they live in but they will be able to creatively express themselves, work together and play.

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EY, KS1 & KS2

1 - 4 classes (50mins per class, delivered in 1 day) = £450

7 classes (50mins per class, delivered over 2 days) = £900

14 - 21 classes (50mins with 2 or 3 classes together, delivered over 2 days) = £1000


Travel not included above

Kaizen Primary

Head of School

Simon and Paul were fabulous! The children really enjoyed using drama to think about their identity and how special they are

St Edmundsbury

The children absolutely loved the creativity and a chance to step into the story

St Michaels Primary

The Drama Geezers engaged the entire school in a thought-provoking workshop exploring Identity and Diversity. The session was not only educational but also inspiring. 

St Columba's Prep

The children really understood the concept and gained insight into the racism and the wonderful diverse community we live. Linked well with our PSHE as they were confident discussing culture, heritage and diversity. It was BRILLIANT! 

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