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The Drama Geezers


Online Drama Workshops 

60 minutes of non stop play!

You choose any date and time, we click on and fly into your zoom or online classroom bringing nothing but fun, play, silliness, expert banter and an array of creative drama games.

During each workshop, we will share our favourite drama games with your young people, including improvisation, character, mime and storytelling activities. Each session will build confidence, creativity and wellbeing and we promise if your group are not full of smiles and laughter at the end, we will eat our ties!!

Teachers - take a break for an hour and let us lead the children in some creative play!

We only have one requirement - wear a tie on your head!

We also deliver Q&A sessions sharing our practise, knowledge and experience of the industry.

Any age group

Max 30 children/young people per session

1 hour session

"Both Paul and Simon were so full of energy throughout our zoom workshop.  From the word go, they had our girl's full attention and kept their imaginations and enthusiasm running the whole time.  When we are allowed to have visitors into schools again, I will definitely be inviting them to do workshops with the whole school, not just the form 1s"

(Eaton House School)

"We love your drama, its a fab way to get us started for the day"



"These chaps are brilliant! I'm a huge advocate for drama play and these two do it so well. I promise their games will give you a much needed giggle if you're starting to feel cabin fever!"


"Thank you to the Drama Geezers Simon and Paul for a fantastic Q&A session with our drama scholars yesterday. They provided great insight into drama at university, with valuable advice for auditioning to drama school and working life in the drama industry"

(Kent College)

Thanks. We will be in touch soon.

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